Upcoming classes

  • 26 - 31 October 2020: Masterclass illustration - characterdesign and crowded scenes in cooperation with Mattias Adolfsson and Nordkolleg Rendsburg. Here you can find information about this class in German. For information in English please download this PDF or email me: The class is open for bookings: Nordkolleg booking
  • August 2021: Die Rendsburger Zeichnerei in cooperation with a surprise guest artist and Nordkolleg Rendsburg (fully booked)

Workshop »Das grafische Trainingslager an der Eider«

In August 2019 I have taken over the leadership of the long-established drawing class Das grafische Trainingslager an der Eider in Rendsburg. The class was founded 1990 by draughtsman and poet Fritz Weigle alias F. W. Bernstein. He was cofounder of the artistic movement Die neue Frankfurter Schule and the satirical magazines Pardon and Titanic. F. W. Bernstein held the leadership for 15 years, followed by his colleagues Bernd Stolz and Tom Breitenfeld.  

The class takes place at the Nordkolleg Rendsburg every year during the last week of August. 40 drawing people meet there for doodling, drawing portraits of each other, filling sketchbooks and enjoying the fun of drawing and creating comical art. Each year a guest artist joins the class for a few days and holds a workshop with her or his special assignments for the group.

In 2019 the class took place for the 30th time and in August 2020 we celebrated its 30th birthday. Therefore we had planned an exhibition with drawings of all class participants at the printing department of the Museum Rendsburg. Unfortunately it had to be postponed because of the Corona crisis. We hope to catch up on this plan in 2021. Main subject of the show will be the Kiel-Canal and its 125 years jubilee.

Read more about Die Rendsburger Zeichnerei and this workshop: Rendsburger BlogDrawing in Rendsburg 

Workshop inquiries

I teach workshops for drawing people on my own as well as in cooperation with other artists. Main subjects of my workshops are creating quaint figures, detailed scenes, wimmelbilder, and humorous drawings as well as the training of free associations of thougts by drawing exercises and special assignments.

If you are interested in a workshop cooperation please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Workshop participation

I love to take part in masterclass workshops by other artists. It is a wonderful occasion to meet illustrators from all over the world. You can find articles about these events in my blog: Drawing in Vienna, workshop with Yuko Shimizu 2018 and workshop in Vienna with Mattias Adolfsson 2016.

In August 2020 I chaired Das Grafische Trainingslager an der Eider in cooperation with Jens Maria Weber and Nordkolleg Rendsburg.

In August 2019 I chaired Das Grafische Trainingslager an der Eider in Rendsburg in cooperation with Mattias Adolfsson. 

In October 2019 I took part in a workshop about text and drawings for stories with Christoph Peters and Heike Drewelow at the Nordkolleg Rendsburg.

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