Do you have any questions concerning Lotte's work? 
Here are some frequently asked questions and Lotte's answers.

Do you draw digitally or do you use pen and paper?

For my colourful wimmelbilder, magazine illustrations and kids puzzle books I draw all my outlines with pen on paper. I scan the drawings and do the colours digitally. My clients receive high resolution data, ready to print. My fun drawings and sketchbook doodles I do with different fountain pens and watercolours. If clients want to use drawings of this type I scan them and deliver them as high resolution printing data.

Do you draw portraits of people and pets or any other commissions for private use?

No, I'm sorry. Usually I'm fully booked with commissions by publishers and other clients and I don't have capacities for private inquiries. If you wish to use one of my images from this website for private or business issues, please contact me via email first. 

Do you sell licences of your work?

Yes, as long as I keep the rights of the images myself. Some are not free because the publishers keep the rights. If you are interested in any image, please contact me and I will gladly send you my conditions for using it. Find more detailed information about licences here.

Do you sell original drawings and prints?

Sometimes I sell original drawings and high quality prints, usually I do this within exhibitions. 

Can I apply for an internship at Lotte's studio?

I'm sorry, I usually can't employ interns. My daily routine at work is very unsteady. That's why it is very difficult to integrate an intern into my life at work. But if you are really, really mad on drawing, you may send your comprehensive application and samples of your drawings (PDF please) and I will be happy to take a look at it.

Which pen and ink do you use for your drawings? Can you recommend a special pen?

I have several fountain pens, my favourites are a Sailor 1911 Standard with extra fine nib and two Pilot Falcon fountain pens in soft fine and soft medium. These pens are equipped with refillable ink converters. Unfortunately these pens are quite expensive because of their gold nibs.

I also like TWSBI piston fountain pens like the TWSBI Diamond 580. They have steel nibs, I have them in EF, F and M. I own a few of these pens, they are filled with different colours. TWSBI offers several types of fountain pens, I think they are all quite nice if you don't want to spend too much money on your new fountain pen. I can also reccomend the Kaveco Student, a fountain pen with steel nib and ink converter. Quite nice and not expensive.

For inky brush drawings I always use a Pentel brush pen. Pentel offers blank brushes with water tank as well. They are wonderful for travel sketches with watercolours. My experience with Pentel brushes and brush pens is that they are high quality and very durable.

My favourite ink for all pens and brushes is DeAtramentis document ink which is waterproof and non-fading. You can get it in black and many other colours. These inks work perfectly with my fountain pens, even with the delicate Sailor 1911 Standard Stormy Sea, my little diva with its fantastic extra fine nib.

More materials: I like to draw on heavy watercolour paper with a smooth surface. I just love to draw postcards for my friends, therefore I use blank mouldmade cards. My preferred sketchbooks come from a German company called Bindewerk and I use watercolours by Schmincke. For my furry drawings I use common softlead pencils (2B, 3B, 4B) and mouldmade Paper.

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